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Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS ABS

The name you can trust - Peugeot


£ 8199*

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Colour(s): Black
Engine: 400cc
Power: 26.2kW
Licence Type: A2 or B Licence Type Required
Stroke Type: 4-Stroke
Transmission: Auto
Cooling: Liquid Cooled
Seat Height: 780 mm
Weight: 258 kg
Front Brakes: Disc
Rear Brakes: Disc
Parts: Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS ABS Scooter Parts
Accessories: Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS ABS

Peugeot Motorcycle Finance-New Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Offer

Representative Example Based on Metropolis 400 RS at 6000 miles per annum

Personal Contract Purchase

36 Repayments of

Final Repayment of

Total Amount Payable

Interest Rate (Fixed)

Representative APR





7.9% APR

Cash Price


Total Amount of Credit

Agreement Duration

Purchase Fee**




37 Months


**included in final repayment.

A new Peugeot PCP promotion has just been launched, offering customers the opportunity to benefit from 9.9% APR Representative on any Peugeot Metropolis 400 using Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). PCP offers you affordable monthly repayments***, which could mean you could ride the Peugeot you’ve always dreamed about. With no deposit required as well, what’s stopping you? 9.9% APR Representative is also available on standard Hire Purchase - see how much a new Peugeot Metropolis could cost you below:

All of the additional finance examples above also have a £10 Purchase Fee, payable with the Final Repayment/Final Monthly Repayment.
***With a PCP product a significant proportion of the total amount payable is payable at the end of the contract by one large final repayment, so your regular monthly repayments are low. Credit is subject to status and is only available to UK residents aged 18 and over. Peugeot Motorcycle Finance is a trading style of Black Horse Ltd, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. Finance offers and examples correct at time of publishing but may be subject to change.

Details of dealers who will be stocking this model, and those who will have a Peugeot Metropolis available for test ride will be updated near the time of launch.

Peugeot Metropolis - 3 wheel scooter, three wheel bike, three wheel scooter

New for summer 2015, the Blue-Line is a special edition of the Peugeot Metropolis 3-wheel scooter. Its distinctive two-tone bodywork is inspired by the latest automotive colour trends and is enhanced by machined black wheels with blue detailing and a dual-texture sport seat, highlighted with blue stitching. The Blue-Line also gets a low-profile smoked sport windscreen and black engine casing.

Power is supplied by Peugeot's new 400i Low Friction Engine, which is quiet, smooth and delivers excellent fuel economy. The two front wheels tilt when cornering, so the Metropolis corners and steers like a motorcycle, but with three tyres gripping the road, it is reassuringly stable, whatever the conditions. Riders can lock the Metropolis upright at the push of a button, for improved stability in slow-moving/stationary traffic, at the petrol pumps and for ease when pushing it into a parking space.

Synchro Braking links the twin 200mm front disc brakes and 240mm rear for powerful and controlled stopping. Tyre pressure monitors, with a real time display in the dashboard, are included as standard. Other technical features include an electronic key-less ignition that is recognised within 1.5 m of the Metropolis and and electric parking brake' operated by a switch located in the centre of the handlebars. Daytime LED running lights. Twin storage bays located beneath the seat and boot can be independently opened remotely using buttons on the dashboard and a 12-volt power socket is in the glove box.

The multi-position  windscreen can be adjusted to suit without tools. The Peugeot Metropolis Blue-Line is an A2 category motorcycle but can can be ridden on a car licence by drivers who passed their test before 19 January 2013. It sells for £7199- on the road and is covered by a two year unlimited mileage manufacturer's warranty.

Metropolis: noun, from the Greek "meter", meaning "mother" and "polis" meaning "city", denoting a great city, an area of enthusiasm, innovation and influence, whose infrastructure facilitates exchange and contributes to its influence.

Peugeot Metropolis is also the name of the new 3-wheeled urban scooter, which stands out thanks to its style, its compact size and its dynamic capacities which provide a new type of shape: the urban electron.

With over a century's experience in 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles, who else but Peugeot could produce a vehicle like this? Who better than Peugeot can understand both the needs of drivers and aficionados of two-wheeled vehicles alike to offer the best synthesis? Who better than Peugeot to design tomorrow's mobility today?

Born from the joint efforts of the teams at Automobiles Peugeot and Peugeot Scooters, Peugeot Metropolis represents every facet of the Brand's know-how, combining the advantages of a car and a scooter into one package.

Stable and safe, protecting and comfortable, high performance and practical - this scooter represents the modern vision of a new type of 3 dimensional mobility.


Perfectly proportioned and balanced, Peugeot Metropolis hints at dynamism, modernity and quality through its fluid lines, its smooth outlines and elegant interplay between materials. But its chrome trim means that Peugeot Metropolis cannot hide its genetic, cat-like origins: it regenerates the Brand's new aesthetic codes and adopts the "floating" radiator grill that characterises the brand's new vehicles. The link with the automobile world, which was hinted at with the two wheels at the front, is now clear.

Positioned like a mouth under the headlights, the radiator grill lightens the front of the scooter by masking the upper part of the front axle and customises the vehicle by emphasing its look.

Supported by all possible technological innovations, Peugeot Metropolis offers two powerful 2x55W halogen bulbs and features LEDs in each of the 2 visual optics and in the offset indicators for a new, high tech visual signature.

The boomerang-shaped lights at the rear seem to merge into the bodywork. Here again, the LEDs light up the night, imprisoned between two shafts of light like 2 luminous claws. The dual-appearance chrome and brushed aluminium Lion sparkles like a gem, sunk into the rear hatch like a jewel box.

The sophisticated Peugeot Metropolis also plays the materials card by elegantly combining pearl, metal and chrome.


With its dynamic and exceptional qualities, Peugeot Metropolis gives a new dimension to the road and reveals new driving sensations.

A real technological gem, the Dual Tilting Wheels (DTW) front axle is composed of a dual triangulation deformable parallelogram, whose precision mechanic-style architecture enables the centre of gravity to be lowered and mass to be better centred. Combined with 2 dynamic drums and hydraulic single suspension, this front axle has independent, tilting wheels that can be locked electrically at low speed.

The design of the pressure-injected aluminium suspension elements also provides two advantages: additional stiffness and a reduction in non-suspended mass, lightening the steering and making control easier.

The product of automotive technology, this innovative front axle guarantees exceptional road-holding. Its compact architecture is also compatible with a completely flat floor, a first in this sector.

The solid Peugeot Metropolis nevertheless remains a compact scooter, with a length, width and wheelbase comparable to Satelis which, thanks to innovative technical choices, gives it impressive ease in traffic.

In addition to its ground links, Peugeot Metropolis has 3 disks (2x200 mm front / 1x240 mm rear) and SBC (Synchro Braking System) controlled integral braking for more effectiveness through the left hand lever, according to Peugeot's braking philosophy. One specific feature on this 3-wheeled scooter is the foot pedal, imposed by engine-powered tricycle legislation, which also controls the integral braking.

Designed to be driven in major urban centres, Peugeot Metropolis has non-spherical rear view mirrors, whose convex surface removes blind spots and gives drivers peace of mind in towns.


Peugeot Metropolis is a concentration of amazing technologies, whose mission is to significantly improve passenger comfort and safety, thanks to innovations which are as technically perfect as they are simple to use.

One visually remarkable element is the total absence of any ignition switch or lock on the vehicle: the traditional key is no more; Peugeot Metropolis has an electronic Smart Key which is recognised when the driver is within a 150 cm radius. To start the vehicle, the driver simply needs to unlock the steering, release the vehicle electronically by turning the button that replaces the ignition switch and start the engine by pressing the START button and the brake lever at the same time.

The Peugeot Metropolis has the same electric parking brake found on the Brand's premium cars. Located in the centre of the handlebars, it can be accessed easily and activated by pressing it.

As the driver sees it, the dashboard would not look out of place in a luxury saloon. The perfectly balanced digital display, framed by a mileometer and rev counter, includes a function to monitor the pressure of each wheel, as well as average and minimum consumption and remaining autonomy indicators. In addition, the dashboard is pre- equipped for a sat nav system. Another first for the driving position: the danger button (hazard warning lights) it backlit as soon as it is activated.

The wide and profiled thermoformed windscreen has a new multi-position setting adjustment system (over 130 mm) to offer optimum protection. The driver can lower or raise the windscreen in under 5 seconds just by pressing on it. Nothing could be simpler!


Midway between a car and a scooter, the Peugeot Metropolis cuts no corners when it comes to performance or comfort.

It is powered by Peugeot's new 400i LFE low impact engine, which develops 35 HP and offers 38 Nm of torque. Despite its size, it has a top speed of nearly 150 kph and is almost as quick when the driver is carrying a passenger.

Particularly comfortable to ride, it provides reassurance straight away thanks to its low seat height, which is measured at 780 mm. In addition to an adjustable windscreen, the driver also has a backrest that can be adjusted by 40 mm at the front and back for ideal support.

At red lights, the DTW concept front axle tile locking system that can be triggered at low speeds enables the scooter to stabilise itself, meaning that the driver does not need to put their feet on the ground.

Passenger comfort is also enhanced thanks to an integrated backrest, profiled handles and clippable ergonomic foot plates.

Finally, for extra travelling comfort, Peugeot Metropolis offers an illuminated boot that can take either one full helmet and 1 open face helmet, a PC case or a tennis racket, for example.

For more comfort, the storage area under the seat can be accessed by pressing a button on the front panel, while access to the rear hatch is controlled by a button at the rear left of the vehicle. The glove compartment under the rear panel provides a 12V socket to recharge a mobile phone on the move.

Peugeot Metropolis - 3 wheel scooter, three wheel bike, three wheel scooter

Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS ABS Equipment:

-Front train Dual Tilting Wheels (DTW)
-New Engine Peugeot 400i LFE giving 37.2 HP
-Integral Braking System Synchro Braking Concept (SBCTM)
-Electronic Smart Key – recognized at 2 m distance
-Electric parking brake
-Electric Anti Tilting
-Smoked sports windshield
-DRL (Daytime Running Lights)
-LED front and rear
-Stainless footboard
-Double underseat storage bay
-12V socket for charging mobile phone
-Underseat compartment takes 2 helmets: 1 full face + 1 jet or laptop
-CO2 level : 86.6 g/km at RTM2 cycle

Peugeot scooter

Top quality, experience and 110 years history

A key player in urban mobility in Europe for 113 years, Peugeot Scooters holds the title as the oldest two-wheels motor vehicle manufacturer in the world. With its history of 110 years, Peugeot Scooters is resolutely geared towards the future. The adventure with mobility began in 1898 in the production plant in Beaulieu, Franche Comté. From the first cycle produced to the latest 100% electric scooter, our perpetually moving Brand never ceases to amaze with its ability to innovate and with its expertise.

Your safety is our priority

Peugeot Scooters highest priority. Although riding a scooter has great advantages, the rider is constantly exposed to the dangers of the road. This is why we will never compromise on the safety on-board of each of our vehicles. Innovation, quality and testing. Your safety is our priority.

A dealer network that spans the UK

When you buy a Peugeot Scooter you are buying into a national scooter dealer network and the support that it brings. The kind of support that you cannot get from 'grey' imports and internet only outlets. If you buy your Peugeot Scooter in Edinburgh and move to Southampton, you can take your Peugeot Scooter into the local Southampton dealer for it's service or repairs. Dealers in our national scooter network are in turn supported by our technical support and our 40 plus years experience.

2 years unlimited mileage warranty

"Peace of mind for 2 years, however far you travel"

A high level of build quality means we are able to offer our 2 years, unlimited mileage warranty on every model in our range of scooters. That's not all.Your warranty is on the scooter and not limited to you, so if you sell your scooter, the warranty is passed on to the new owner meaning you have higher resale value. Also your Peugeot Scooter warranty covers both parts and labour, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem. Some 'warranties' provided by other manufacturers only cover parts.

Buy parts from your local dealer or online

"Parts for your Peugeot Scooter both now and for the years to come"

Availabilty of scooter parts is a crucial factor in keeping your scooter on the road and in safe, working order. With 'grey' imports you never know how long you will be able to get parts and at what expense. With a Peugeot Scooter you can rest assured that your scooter will be supported for years to come, and when your scooter parts are purchased, they can be fitted by your local approved Peugeot Scooter Technician.

Finance with competitive rates

We have teamed up with Black Horse Finance to bring you great finance deals. To see some approximate examples of finance on any model in the Peugeot Scooter range please go to finance section.

The name you can trust - Peugeot. Our diverse range of scooters is available to view here online and across the UK in our Authorised Peugeot Scooter Centres. If you like the Peugeot Metropolis 400 RS ABS Scooter then you may also be interested in these other models people have looked at:

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Peugeot Metropolis Accessory Offer

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